Presentation: „Key Risk Indicators – inventory, monitoring, management and operationalization”.

Speaker: Zbigniew Finfando

Date: March 2, 2017, time: 12.40- 13.00

Place: Courtyard Hotel, Żwirki i Wigury 1, Warsaw

Guidelines and Recommendations of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority concerning managing information technology and IT environment security require organizations to have specific knowledge. In particular, it must be demonstrated in what context data and information are used, how to monitor them, how to bring order and take care of their quality.
While data and information inventory may be carried out using conventional methods involving the preparation of documentation in the form of text files and spreadsheets, quality monitoring and tracking of specific indicators is a challenge. Submitting data and information for evaluation requires specific audit methodology, providing access to relevant data and information and monitoring them.
Additionally, organizations should have the knowledge of how to interpret obtained results in the context of their own business and requirements imposed by the regulator. That’s not all. Only continuous system improvement and operationalization of activities related to making changes based on monitored indicators will make the process complete.
During the presentation we will talk about our and our proprietary solution – BIKS, thanks to which organizations can quickly and successfully implement projects related to Data Governance, Data Quality Management, Governance Risk and Compliance Knowledge Management.

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